Book Collecting: Update #20


Giveaways, purchases, and signatures!

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  • Robot Universe by Ana Matronic

Thanks to Tammy @BooksBonesBuffy for this giveaway! 

When I first won this book, my initial thought was that this would make an awesome gift for dad on X-mas! He is a total sci-fi fan: Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens – all that stuff. However, he is not a book man… at all XD So I decided that, while he probably say thanks you and act like he loves, he probably wouldn’t actually read it or check it out much. Boy was I wrong.

He ended up coming over my house a week after I won this, and I told him to take a look at it; thought it might some of it cool. I gave it to him as turned around on continued talking about another topic. Little did I know thought, that he wasn’t paying attention. I turned back to face him when he didn’t answer me and asked him the question again, to his nose in the book XD Oblviously to everything I said, he says to come and check this out: it’s such and such robot from such and such show from when he was a kid.

If your dad is ~60 years old sci-fi fan, I highly recommend this a gift.

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  • The Shards of Heaven (The Shards of Heaven #1) by Michael Livingston
  • City of Blades (The Divine Cities #2) by Robert Jackson Bennett
  • Oryc and Crake (MaddAddam #1) by Margaret Atwood

Thanks to My Bookish Ways for the copy of The Shards of Heaven!

Thanks to The Qwillery for the copy of City of Blades!

I entered in to so many(!) giveaways trying to win a copy of The Shards of Heaven! I studied Ancient Studies in college, obviously am a fantasy fan, and have countless great reviews for it. Very excited to read this one!

I actually haven’t read City of Stairs (although I do have a copy). I wanted to get to it this month, so I read and review Blades before it comes out, but the holiday month has proved a little more busy than expected.  I still have some time though, so we’ll see!

Now, I had planned on going to a Margaret Atwood speaking and signing back in October, but to go, you had to purchase her new book from the bookstore running the event, and she would only sign up to 2 books that were purchased from that bookstore.

Yeah… thanks bookstore for putting on the event, but that’s not going to happen – at least not for me personally. I wasn’t going to buy a new hardcover if I’m not sure I may potential read it soon. So, instead I went to a used book store and picked up a copy of Oryc and Crake to read at a later date.

Side Note: How rare are hardcover copies of The Handmaid’s Tale? I called 4 different new/used stores around me: none had the hardcover, and only 1 had a paperback.

IMG_1328 IMG_1339

  • Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman

Then this was another event I want to back in October. I love neuroscience so I really enjoy reading books about the brain and mind and conscious. However, this was the first talk I had gone to by a neuroscientist. So good!

Read any of these books yet? Get any good signing lately? Win any giveaways recently?

Let me know what’s good!


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12 thoughts on “Book Collecting: Update #20

  1. Tammy says:

    I love that story about your dad!It is a pretty awesome book, right? I tried to win The Shards of Heaven too, but no luck:-) You’ll have to read it for me. Hey, I might have a hardcover copy of The Handmaid’s Tale, not sure. But Oryx and Crake is fantastic!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The book is great! I keep it on the side of my bed to skim through from time to time 🙂 And I was so incredibly excited for Shards of Heaven.

      My think is that maybe hardcovers of the The Handmaid’s Tale are just rare to find it used? Must sell out quick of something. I don’t think hardcover are special limited edition; I assume I could get one online.


  2. The Shards of Heaven was great! Hope you enjoy! That’s a shame about the Atwood event!


  3. @lynnsbooks says:

    I loved the Shards of Heaven. Will look forward to seeing our thoughts.
    Lynn 😀


  4. Wow, awesome wins! I’m especially looking forward to your thoughts on The Shards of Heaven. As well as City of Stairs when you get to it – maybe we can geek out about City of Blades in the new year 🙂 As for The Handmaid’s Tale, I guess it depends what edition you’re looking for! And if you shop online, I’m sure hardcover editions would be easier to come by.


    • I saw you started reading City of Blades on GR. I just have to read Lies of Locke Lamora and then Chains of Heretics, then start Stairs and Blades… fingers crossed I should be able to get them in before release date!!!

      Thats what I was thinking after I called the store, but it was like, as soon I asked them, they responded with an immediate no but would check anyways. Guess they are rare in the wild XD


  5. Kaja says:

    Huh, I got my (hardback!) copy of The Handmaid’s Tale from the library, I didn’t know it was this hard to find! Why are you looking for a hardback, specifically?

    And that’s so cool – your dad falling for that book. It’s great to see parents share their kids’ interests. I just totally sold Star Wars Episode VII to my dad, he saw all the other movies, of course, but hasn’t seen this one yet. Have you? I really liked it!


    • I had wanted to get a hardback because I was going to go Atwood’s signing and I wanted to get that one singed (it was the one you recommend to me a while back when I said I hadn’t read her yet) 🙂 But then I found out she would only sign books that were purchased from the store hosting the event… and I wasn’t about to but 2 brand new books.

      I haven’t seen it yet! My Dad and I actually went to see it yesterday afternoon (at 1:50) but it sold out 😦 He got there like the 10 mins before I would have and he gave me a call saying he was waiting in the car for me. I yelled at him to get inside and buy tickets before they sold out! He doubted my urgency, but went inside anyways to find out they had in-fact sold out LOL We are going to try again this Friday morning! Hope it works this time 😀


  6. Sharry says:

    Looks like you’ve been busy collecting books! And there are some great ones, there 😀 and soooo lucky to get your hands on the Shards of Heaven, I don’t know how many countless giveaways I’ve entered for that book and heard no word! Also, haha, love it when I gift a book to someone and they totally dig it. I usually gift books to people and if they’re not into it, I use that as an excuse to “borrow” it…


    • Busy collecting book + too busy to make a post about them = one week packed full of book collecting updates 😀 I felt super lucky and are definitely going to fit that one in at the start of the year.

      And that a really good (evil) idea! I’m totally going to start doing that now for my Dad! Haha! XD


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