Book Collecting: Update #14



Tor’s Fall Flights of Fantasy Tour Book Haul!!!

The first of the many author events I attended in October 🙂


  • The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson

This book wasn’t originally radar when I heard about it, but once I noticed the cover was by Kameron Hurley(!) I thought this might be some special. Then I started reading tons of high praising reviews, and some guest posts by Seth. Like this quiz from Fantasy-Faction. (I had mostly Ds and was most similar to Baru). After all that stuff, I decided I would pick this one up.

Also, Seth is a great talker. Would love to a see a panel with him, Max Gladstone, and Brian Staveley. I feel like that would make for an highly entertaining conversation.

IMG_1136 IMG_1138

  • Last Song Before Night by Ilana C. Myer

I actually hadn’t planned on picking this one up at the signing. Not due to a lack of interest (I mean, I love poetry. And an epic based on poetry and art sounds like it would make for magical story) but lack of money. However, luck wold not have that.

I always get a couple of those VISA gift cards every year. I do nearly all of my shopping online, and since you can’t add (or, at least, I don’t know how to) multiple payments together for online purchases, I end up with a bunch of cards that anywhere from a couple bucks to maybe $10. I had about 5 of these, and told the women being the counter to swipe away! XD I was up to just about $20 when all of sudden I struck gold! $25 on a single card!!!! So, I went back and grabbed this book 🙂

IMG_1132 IMG_1144

  • Updraft by Fran Wilde

This book was actually why I went to signing. I met Fran at Readercon earlier this year, and got an autograph on a print of the Updraft cover.


I also told her that I baked her Falling Cloud Cake from the SFWA Cookbook! It tastes SO FREAKING GOOD! Rated GAF. But, while it may have tasted good, as you can see, my plating and general aesthetic all need work… Gordon would be so disappoint 😦 LOL


  • Scott Lynch’s Autograph!

As I was sitting in the audience, waiting for the event to begin, I turned around – And who do I see walking into the room and going to sit behind me? Why, only Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch 🙂

I already have several books singed by Elizabeth and met here a 2 events already this year, but this was my first time meeting Scott Lynch. After the event was over, I went and introduced myself and had an amazing conversation with him. I told that I hadn’t read any of his novels yet, but that I had read his interview talking about depression on RelentlessReading. He was very open about everything, and yeah, like I said, amazing conversation.

Now, unfortunately, the book store did not have any of Scott’s book. This store actually had a quite sad collection of SF/F (wasn’t even a full bookshelf worth), so I asked him to sign if he wouldn’t ming signing Fran’s book – since he has a blurb on the back.

Once I got in my car I realized two things: One, that I have read Scotty Lynch. I read his novelette, A Year and a Day In Old Theradane, in Uncanny Magazine earlier this year, and that it is the best short fiction I’ve read this year. And two, I should have told him that Kaja from OfDragonsAndHearts) is trying to translate his stories. Sorry, Kaja!

Fun Fact: The two best short stories I’ve read this are In Libres by Elizabeth Bear (my review), and A Year and a Day In Old Theradane by Scott Lynch (my review).


Click here to see if the tour is coming to a city near you!

Been to any author signing or events lately? Read any of these books yet? 

Let me know what’s good!


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20 thoughts on “Book Collecting: Update #14

  1. Bookwraiths says:

    Wow. Very cool. Always great to hear about great interactions with authors.


  2. Tammy says:

    This tour isn’t coming anywhere near me, unfortunately 😦 But I do have copies of all but Last Song, and I’ve read Updraft and really enjoyed it. Sounds like you had a blast!


  3. Steph says:

    That’s awfully exciting. I didn’t know about the interview with Scott Lynch on depression and relentless reading. Thank you for educating mgr and providing the link.


  4. Awesome write up and aren’t Scott and Bear great?!?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ah, I never go to these things (never helps that there never seem to be any that are convenient). But sounds awesome! And the added bonus of Scott Lynch? Amazing! 🙂 I enjoyed Updraft, and am hoping to read Traitor Baru Cormorant one of these days as I’ve heard really good things


    • Having to drive an hour + into Boston, during the week, isn’t the convenient thing in the world, so I totally understand. I actually skipped a few events because of that. I am looking forward to reading Updraft, and I’ve been hearings lots of good for Traitor around the web lately, so I’ll be excited to read that sometime 🙂


  6. Ugh I’m on the east coast though none of these tours ever seem to go much further south than NYC which is still about a couple hours from me! So jealous you got to attend this cool signing!

    BTW, I recently read The Traitor Baru Cormorant (my review is up today, actually) and OH MY GOD. It’s not the easiest book to get into, but it broke all my feels. It’s been three days since reading it and I still feel so gutted, but I loved it. Really looking forward to seeing what you think.


    • It’s seems like most “east coast” tours, are really just the New England states. Not that I’m complaining 🙂 I think southern CA is the best place to live for author tours, though.

      More and more people seem to be loving that book. My opinion of that book has gone from, oh look a new book, but I’m not interested, to hey it’s that book again and people seems to like it, to okay maybe I should pick this up, to now that I have it I feel like I must read it ASAP.

      It’s not hype that keeps growing (at least, thats not what it feels like to me), but the amount of praise keeps pilling up.


  7. proxyfish says:

    Sounds awesome! I would love to meet Scott Lynch!! I recently went to the Gollancz Book Festival and got my Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercrombie, Joe Hill, Sarah Pinsborough, Al Robertson and Ben Aaronovitch books signed. There were so many other authors there and so many awesome sounding new books that I ended up buying more when I got home. Except not signed… so yeah, stalk mode on!


    • I’m so jealous! Gollancza Festival look awesome! And super jealous of the Abercrombie and Hill signature! If only I didn’t live in another country 😛

      I’m pretty sure there is some unwritten rule too that you can’t go to a book festival without buy more books before you leave 😉


  8. Kaja says:

    Argh I am SO behind commenting and reading blog posts…

    Ok it’s not official yet (I still have to get my contract and all) but I’m translating The Lies of Locke Lamora to Slovenian! But I haven’t said anything yet on my blog, it’s too early for that and I’m still hyperventilating every time I think about the enormousness of this fact so it’s still a sort of loosely-kept secret. I’m swinging from really fierce joy to panic every day or so. I’ll have to hand it in sometime in late 2016 but I’m starting a re-read soon. Are you up for a read-along? We could get other people to join. I’ll be re-reading all 3 books before I start translating and also reviewing them.

    I’m hoping to meet Lynch at some point, though it probably won’t happen for a while. Thank you for this update, though, he sounds like a great guy! And thanks for that interview link! I have to read something by Elizabeth Bear soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WHAT!? That is the best new ever! Congratulations!!! 😀 No need to be nervous, yet (that for when it’s time to do the actual translating) 😛 Right now you should be super excited and happy! When does all that contract and official business get handled?

      I’m was actually thinking about you translating Scott’s books earlier today. I’m going to a signing this Tuesday for Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear’s new book (Goblin Emperor is one of my favorite books of all time so super excited to meet Sarah), but since Elizabeth is going to be there, I was hoping Scott was going to be there too, so I could 1) bring my anthologies he has stories in to get him to sign them, and 2) remember to tell him that I have a friend who loves his books so much that she wanted to translate them 🙂 With recent news though, I won’t tell him that you actually are translating (I don’t know how the chain of command works with that stuff) just that you like them so much you thought it’d be cool to translate.

      A read-along would be awesome though! This should be perfect timing too with book 4 supposed to be coming out next year.

      And Elizabeth and Scott are both great. Those two videos in my conversation with Michael (above) are very funny if you have the time to watch them. If you want to read something by Bear, I’d recommend looking into Karen Memory.


      • Kaja says:

        Thanks, DJ 🙂 Um I’m meeting with my editor this week so we’ll see how things go – I’ll be starting my re-read soon, that’s for sure. You’re right, it will be in time for Thorn of Emberlain, too!

        I’m sending you an e-mail tomorrow to set up the read-along, okay? It’s weird doing it in the comments. I’ll check out the videos.

        I haven’t read Goblin Emperor yet but I’ve heard great things about it!

        Say hi to Scott for me if you see him 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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